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Ford Motor Company have developed an app for your smartphone called FordPass Pro, which allows you to look after up to five business vehicles, leaving you to focus primarily on your day-to-day work.

There's a number of benefits that are included with the FordPass Pro app, which range from alerting you to any potential issues that need addressing or booking your van in for some regular maintenance to be completed.

Below, we have outlined the key benefits of FordPass Pro and how it could aid your business on a daily basis.

Benefits of FordPass Pro

  • Get alerted in time via FordPass Pro.

    Plain and simply, if an issue arises on one of your vans, FordPass Pro will alert you so that surprise costs can be avoided later on. It'll even let you know when you're due a service and help you book in advance.

  • Check in on your Ford van via FordPass Pro.

    Keeping an eye on your tyre pressures and AdBlue levels has never been so easy thanks to FordPass Pro, which helps you keep on top of basic maintenance.

  • Keep track of van location with FordPass Pro.

    Want to keep tabs on where your vehicles are? With FordPass Pro you can check your fleet's most recent location on one map and ensure they are safe and sound at the end of the day.

  • Take control of van with FordPass Pro.

    You can lock/unlock your vehicle wherever you are with FordPass Pro. And if you own an automatic van, you can start the vehicle engine from the app, perfect for those cold winter mornings!

Get FordPass Pro Today

Taking care of your Ford vans has never been easier thanks to the FordPass Pro app. Get it today on App Store or Google Play!