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Evans Halshaw are welcoming customers to try out the new Ford Transit at our Test Drive event between 7th and 15th October; while you test drive any Ford Transit we will valet your existing van and if you then decide to purchase a new Ford Transit we will add a SAT-NAV to your order for free.

Say you are a trades person or run your own business and want to upgrade your van, you could find the Ford Transit is the perfect vehicle. With a wide range of customisable models to suit all trades and needs, the Ford Transit is adaptable to many different professions.

Find out more about the award-winning Ford Transit, which has won the Van of the Year Award more times in the last 20 years than any other manufacturer. At our event, you can discover the features and benefits of the Transit, Courier, Connect and Custom models.

Ford Courier Exterior More Photos

Ford Transit Courier

For the smaller buzz-about town van, Courier has it all. Its small size makes it easy to park and manoeuvre, even into tight spots, coming into its own as a multidrop vehicle. Asymmetric rear doors give you wider access to the van, improving your working efficiency.The Courier can safely accommodate pipes, tubes or any equipment up to 2.60m long. Simply push the fold-and-dive passenger seat out of the way. The integral folding mesh bulkhead can be adapted to accommodate longer cargo, protecting the driver.

The 1.0-litre three-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine is 24% more efficient than a naturally aspirated unit, while providing the equivalent power of a 1.6. Also, with 25% lower CO emissions complying with Euro6 emissions requirements and cheaper tax bill, The Transit Courier is an incredibly economical, environmentally friendly solution to your logistics needs and would be an ideal solution if you're involved in the entertainment industry, window cleaner, small-scale home improvements or other self-employed trades.

Ford Connect Exterior More Photos

Ford Transit Connect

This adaptable, agile van is surprisingly spacious. With Standard and Long Wheel Base options, the Connect is a versatile vehicle. With a load-through bulkhead it can take beams or similar up to 3 metres in length and with additional side access you can get to your loads even easier. Behind the bulkhead there's space for two-euro pallets or up to 4 sheets of 8" x 4" plasterboard, ply or similar. Available as van, double-cab or Kombi options Transit Connect's Adaptable Rear Seating is suited to both domestic and commercial use. The seven-seater Kombi is particularly useful as a private hire vehicle.

Featuring the same engine as the Courier, the Connect is very fuel-efficient and great economy for multi-drop functions.

Ford Custom exterior More Photos

Ford Transit Custom

Custom is an extremely flexible platform which can altered to your needs. Long Wheel Base or Short, High Top or Flat it can be customised to your individual requirements.

Transit Custom is as hardworking as you are. This true workhorse is rugged and resilient. Practical in every way with a large, part-panelled cargo area. The full height, full width bulkhead divides the cab from the cargo area and has a lift up panel which allows loads such as pipes, of up to 3 metres to be stowed away, even in the Short Wheel Base version. This innovation means that you can keep valuable items such as copper pipes safely locked away instead of being accessible on the roof.

Equipped with a powerful 2.0 litre EcoBlue Euro 6 compatible TDCi engine. Combining outstanding performance and as much as 46.3 mpg with optional Start/Stop to make those urban journeys even more economical.

The introduction of Trailer Sway Control means that you'll always be in control when towing. The Ford SYNC Hands Free infotainment system means you can stay connected with your contacts whilst maintaining focus on the road, driving safely and legally.

Available as Van, Double-Cab or Kombi options to collect the work crew, Transit Custom is as adaptable as you are. Always there whenever you need it. With multiple customisable options the Custom lives up to its' name, it's versatility makes it a highly valuable asset to any business.

Ford Transit exterior More Photos

Ford Transit

Transit is the final word in commercial vehicles, the workhorse upon whose shoulders Britain was built. Infinitely adaptable, the angle of the side-walls has been altered to give greater capacity still.

The intelligent AWD system gives the greatest grip where it's needed most, automatically switching drive from front to rear axle, as needed, according to the conditions helping you to stick to the road more firmly.

Additionally, Ford's unique roll-rate sensor monitors tilt to ensure against rolling the vehicle. The Roll Stability Control is specifically designed to keep tyres firmly planted on the road when a high centre of gravity force such as a top-heavy load or side wind is adversely affecting balance. This system is also useful for countering a high camber or tight turn under stress.

The 2.0-litre TDCi engine is as efficient as it is powerful. Complying with Euro6 CO guidelines it provides as much as 48 mpg and as little as 162g/km CO2. With powertrains providing options from 105 PS up to 170PS, there's an option to suit your needs. In this connected world of business, it is more and more important to operate your office from your van. With mobile connectivity, extra 12V sockets and under seat stowage for security doing business on the move has never been easier.

To take a test drive of any of these fantastic, wholly adaptable vehicles, you can register your interest in the form above. Or visit your local Evans Halshaw Transit Centre.