Asset Protection Insurance

Unfortunately Accidents can happen we understand that unforeseen events are very much a part of everyday life.  If one of these unfortunate scenarios, such as your car being stolen or written off through accidental damage, were to occur it is unlikely that you will receive the original amount you paid for your vehicle from your motor insurer.

Fortunately if the unforeseen was to happen Asset Protection Insurance could help you.

What is Asset Protection Insurance?

The main purpose of Asset Protection Insurance is to cover the shortfall between the current market value and the original invoice price of the car if an unforeseen event was to occur.

This can help protect you and is available on both new and used vehicles.

Our product provides

  • Total Protection against financial loss should your car be written off or stolen and not recovered
  • Total Asset Protection Insurance, ensuring return to original net invoice price
  • Financial assistance by clearing outstanding finance
  • Peace of mind and protection for your investment
  • To find out more about how API could benefit you please contact your local Evans Halshaw Dealership.