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Shelsley Walsh took place on the 22-23rd of July 2017, where group A rally cars raced the famous hill climb. During the event, spectators and businesses showcased their cars and it was remarkable to see some of the rarest cars in the world at Shelsley Walsh. Following on from this, we have decided to list the top five unique cars spotted at Shelsley Walsh.

1. Ford Shelby GT350H Rent-A-Racer Mustang

In 1966, Ford Mustang GT350H was born. Hertz ordered 800 GT350H models in Raven Black with LeMans Gold stripes, so they would be recognizable on the track and on the street. The GT350H changed the perception of rental cars forever. It was a car anyone could rent on the weekend, take to the track, win a trophy and return on Monday.

Ford Mustang GT350H is now valued around £150,000, with very few being restored and one shown at Shelsley Walsh.

2. 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

In 1948 at the London Motor Show the XK120 Roadster was launched. Jaguar's founder and CEO of the company at the time (William Lyons),
put the XK120 into production because of the sales success it had. It was Jaguars world's fastest standard production car at the time, reaching 120mph. The Jaguar XK120 Roadster in now priced around £130,000, with very few being driven because of the appreciation in value.

However, there was one special one at Shelsley Walsh.

3. 1963 Lightweight E-type Jaguar

Jaguar were going to manufacture 18 authentic lightweight E-Types in 1963, however, only 12 were manufactured. Jaguar announced that they were going to complete the production of the 'final six' in 2014, using 1960's manufacturing techniques to create the original lightweight E-type Jaguar's.

Whilst at Shelsley Walsh, the 1963 Jaguar Lightweight E-type had everyone's head turning.

4. 1960 Austin Healey Sprite

Introduced in 1959, Austin-Healey Bug Eye Sprite continued their collaboration with Austin and The Donald Healey Motor Company. Austin-Healer Sprite was referred as the "Bugeye" Sprite, or "Frogeye" because of its grinning grille and bulging headlamps. Roughly around 50,000 Sprites were sold, many of these being sold as racing cars.

We couldn't resist putting this in the top 5 unique cars, just look at her.

5. 1963 Porsche 356 Cabriolet

The 356 model is known as Porsche's first production car that had a rear-engine, two-door sports car available in cabriolet and coupe. In 1965 approximately 76,000 had been produced. Now the Porsche 356 is one of the rarest cars to buy because of its success at LeMans and other rallying events.

One of the very rare 1963 Porsche 356 was spotted at Shelsley Walsh.