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Ah yes - it's that time of year again when all the local stores get littered with Christmas decorations and various gift sets that will most certainly never see the light of day again. Of course, we're talking about Halloween.

Jokes aside, Halloween is a time of year we love here at Evans Halshaw HQ. Fancy dress competitions, pumpkin carving, and scary movies; we love it all! However, you've seen the creepy movies and the frightening costumes; but have you seen the spookiest car names?

Well, we thought we would compile a list of the spookiest car names around, with a few being derived from models that were never meant to be scary in the first place.

Ford Krueger

This humble SUV from Ford may be a best-seller among families of all ages, but they will almost certainly feel like they are driving down Elm Street if they go out for a family outing in this 'Krueger' edition. According to close sources, the upholstery is made of a special material that can't be ripped. Crikey!

New Ford Kuga Offers


Dodge Demon

This car is straight out of the depths of hell with its supercharged 6.2.-litre V8 engine that produces a staggering 840bhp! You'll hear the whining of that supercharger from a mile away as it comes screaming past you; or maybe it's the kids when they realise a Demon is coming for them.

Spooky name, aggressive appearance, and a drinking problem that is guaranteed to give your bank account a fright; the Demon is worthy of a place on this list.


Alfa Romeo Ghoulietta

This humble, yet incredibly stylish, hatchback may be one of the best-looking cars on sale for fashionistas; but even they won't want to get behind the wheel Alfa Romeo Ghoulietta! Word on the street is that if your Alfa goes missing over Halloween, then it can be found near a grave yard.

Used Alfa Romeo Giulietta


Citroen C3 Scarecross

Citroen are renowned for their ability to incorporate French flair and unparalleled comfort into their everyday family cars. Yet, we guarantee passengers will be quivering at the thought of spending longer than five minutes in the Citroen C3 Scarecross! The French marque put a lot of effort and resources into ensuring the cabin is well-insulated, which is bad news because nobody will hear you scream! Yikes!

Used Citroen C3 Aircross


Ford Hocus Focus

Once revered as one of the best family cars within the United Kingdom, the humble Ford Focus has fallen under the spell of three evil witches who have come all the way from Salem, Massachusetts, to wreak havoc this Halloween! Don't even think about challenging the three sisters when they come to town, either, because legend has it the last person to confront them got turned into a black cat!

Used Ford Focus


Dacia Sanscare-o

People who have bought Dacias in recent years bought them because they placed value on the blend of value and quality. Well, we're not sure they're going to be fans of the Sanscare-o this Halloween. Reports are already starting to surface that the regular Sandero's biggest fan, James May, has gone missing! Stay safe everyone, stay away from Dacias this Halloween!

Used Dacia Sandero


Vauxhall Zafeara

Halloween is that time of the year when all of the monsters and ghouls reveal themselves, and the Vauxhall Zafeara is no different! Tales of old suggest that the Griffin within the badge of this particular Vauxhall comes to life and torments those it comes across for the duration of Halloween. Probably best to temporarily take public transport if you own one of these cars!

Used Vauxhall Zafira


Nissan HEX-Trail

The humble Nissan X-Trail's ability to off-road may be complete witchcraft in itself, but around Halloween it turns into the HEX-Trail. This spooky off-roader can be found lurking in abandoned forests or roaming foggy moorlands in the depths of the night. Rumour has it you have to stay completely still if you come across one during Halloween, we haven't heard what happens if you don't! Blimey!

Used Nissan X-Trail


Volkswagen Beetle-Juice

You may remember the Volkswagen Beetle as the family-friendly 'Herbie' character that became prominent in the 1960s. Unfortunately, that character has been consumed by the Volkswagen Beetle-Juice, a spirit car that gets joy out of creating unparalleled mayhem during Halloween. Word on the street is that if you say the name three times, then the car appears! Zoinks!

Used Volkswagen Beetle


Jeepers Creepers

Those Americans sure know how to make an off-roader, with the Jeep being the perfect example of that. However, they have one fatal flaw that only reveals itself at this time of year. Every year, the Jeeper comes out of hibernation to hunt those who feel the most fear until the clock strikes midnight. Although it used to be every 23rd spring, the Jeepers Creepers now makes an appearance every Halloween; probably best to stay off the streets!

Used Jeep


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