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As the dark nights draw in and the weather gets that bit chillier, it's important to make sure we are driving the right SUV to see us through the winter months.

There are plenty of 4x4s and SUVs with great features including heated windscreens to save you time on a frosty morning and rain sensor windscreen wipers to keep your vision clear at all times.

If you're thinking of which is the best SUV to lease this winter, look no further.

We've listed the 10 best SUVs with fantastic winter-busting equipment and safety features to keep you warm and secure throughout the colder season.

1. Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is an essential winter companion. With equipment including an outside temperature gauge and front fog lights, you'll be set up nicely for those frosty and foggy winter mornings.

Safety features were a focal point when Dacia manufacturers were producing the Duster. An anti-lock braking system combined with emergency brake assist keeps the Duster on course when braking, which is especially handy when the roads are icy or wet.

Dacia's Duster can conquer all kinds of terrain with its 16" alloy wheels. Whether you're making a long journey for Christmas celebrations or just taking the kids to school, the Duster covers all grounds.

Dacia Duster features for winter (model dependant):

 - Front fog lights  - Heated rear window
 - Heated door mirrors  - Heating/ventilation unit with 4-speed fan
 - Outside temperature gauge  - Front and rear reading lights
 - Double optic headlights  

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2. Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque has an optional All-Terrain Progress Control feature and a 4-Wheel Drive, which enables drivers to set and maintain a steady speed in all kinds of conditions. If the winter months leave roads snowy and icy, the Range Rover Evoque will keep you and your passengers safe.

With climate control and heated front and rear windscreens, the Range Rover Evoque is perfect for fast-paced life, keeping you on the go even when winter weather tries to get in the way.

Range Rover Evoque features for winter (model dependant):

 - Heated door mirrors  - Rain sensor windscreen wipers
 - Electric heated door mirrors  - All-Terrain Progress Control
 - Heated rear windscreen  - 4 Wheel Drive

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3. Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento was engineered to be able to handle all kinds of conditions. With All-Wheel Drive and improved handling, no matter what weather the British winter brings, the Kia Sorento will take it in its stride.

Active handling in the Sorento enhances the driver's control with Electronic Stability Control by continuously adapting to conditions, making it the perfect SUV for winter journeys.

Not only that, the Kia Sorento will keep driver and passengers comfortable at all times, no matter how bad the weather, with heated front and rear seats and heated steering wheel.

Kia Sorento features for winter (model dependant):

 - Heated door mirrors  - Heated outer rear seats
 - Head rear windscreen  - Heated steering wheel
 - Heated front seats  - All Wheel Drive
 - Windscreen wiper de-icer  

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4. Land Rover Discovery

Unlike any other SUV on this list, the Land Rover Discovery features the incredible Terrain Response 2, which monitors driving conditions and automatically selects a driving mode to achieve the best chassis and powertrain settings depending on what driving conditions you are in.

Alongside unrivaled off-road ability, the Land Rover Discovery will keep you on the move on icy mornings with a heated front windscreen and heated front seats.

Land Rover Discovery features for winter (model dependant):

 - Terrain Response 2  - Power fold and heated door mirrors
 - Heated front windscreen  - Adaptive forward headlights
 - Heated front seats  

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5. Ford Kuga

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive in the Ford Kuga will be sure to give you all the confidence you need when weather changes unexpectedly.

When roads become icy and wet, the Ford Kuga's AWD system will determine how much grip, balance and responsiveness is necessary.

The Kuga will also keep driver and passengers warm and cosy on those cold, crisp, mornings with heated front and rear seats - no need for winter coats in the car!

Ford Kuga features for winter (model dependant):

 - Quickclear heated windscreen  - Heated door mirrors
 - Heated washer jets  - Intelligent All Wheel Drive
 - Automatic rain sensing wipers  - Heated front and rear seats

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6. Nissan Qashqai

Nissan thought of every detail when it came to comfort for their passengers in the Qashqai, even extra door insulation. These insulated panels keep the warmth inside and just add to the extra luxury of heated front seats.

Although, sometimes passengers and driver may have differing opinions when it comes to temperate. Dual Climate Control in the Nissan Qashqai means that everyone has a choice.

The SUV Crossover can adapt to changing conditions in seconds with All Wheel Drive - from sunshine to snow, drivers will have no issue whatever the weather decides.

Nissan Qashqai features for winter (model dependant):

 - Heated door mirrors  - Qashqai heat pack (optional)
 - Head front seats  - Qashqai LED pack (optional)
 - Heated windscreen  - All Wheel Drive
 - Rain sensor windscreen wipers  

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7. Volkswagen Tiguan

4Motion is the Volkswagen Tiguan's fantastic all-wheel drive system that will help keep you safe on the roads during tougher weather. The system offers superior traction and better road contact, through wind rain and snow.

Heated door mirrors and rear window will make sure vision is the best it can be throughout all kinds of journeys. The Tiguan also includes a warning triangle, unlike many other vehicles, to make certain you are seen if in any kind of trouble, especially on darker winter nights.

Volkswagen Tiguan features for winter (model dependant):

 - Heated door mirrors  - Rain sensor windscreen wipers
 - Spare wheel  - Rain window wash/wipe with intermittent delay
 - Outside temperature display  - 4Motion
 - Heated rear window  

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8. Mercedes-Benz GLA

No matter what the conditions are outside, the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class provides the best possible winter driving performance with its 4-MATIC all-wheel drive, a level up from the standard 2WD system.

When driving, Mercedes-Benz 4-MATIC automatically adjusts to allow the vehicle to drive across many different types of terrain, making it a great choice for winter driving.

Heated front seats and climate control ensure passengers and driver travel in luxury comfort when the weather drops and high-performance LED headlights produce a broad spread of light for darker days.

Mercedes-Benz GLA features for winter (model dependant):

 - Climate control  - 4-MATIC all-wheel drive
 - Heated front seats  - Rain sensing wipers
 - High Performance LED headlamps  

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9. Hyundai Tucson

When the going gets tough, the Tucson gets going and with plenty of technologies designed to handle more difficult conditions, it is a great car for winter.

Alongside 4-Wheel Drive, Downhill Brake Control and the Electronic Stability Programme safety features, the Tucson has rear and front mud flaps to protect the vehicle and passengers from flying debris in bad conditions.

Comfort and convenience is top standard in the Hyundai Tucson, with heated front seats for extra driving pleasure and an automatic defog system to keep vision clear at all times.

Hyundai Tucson features for winter (model dependant):

 - Heated door mirrors  - Mudflaps front and rear
 - Heated front seats  - Rear wash/wipe with intermitted setting
 - Tyre pressure monitor  - 4-wheel-drive
 - Automatic defog system  

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10. Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger was built to handle every challenging condition that is thrown at it. With a selectable 4x4 option, the Ford Ranger can adapt to exceptionally difficult terrain, including snow and ice.

If the weather changes unexpectedly, the Ford Ranger has a feature which allows drivers to switch between 4x2 and 4x4, even when driving.

For comfort and convenience when driving in worse weather conditions, the Ford Ranger features Quickclear to de-ice, fog or mist your windscreen in minutes. If that's not enough, this Pick-Up also has Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control so passengers and driver can choose their own climate whenever they like.

Ford Ranger Pick-Up features for winter:

 - Heated door mirrors  - Mud flaps front and rear
 - Tyre pressure monitor  - Rain sensitive wipers and auto headlights
 - Heated front window  - Quickclear windscreen
 - Heated rear cab window  

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