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Peugeot made a very bold statement when they released the latest generation of 508 that you see pictured in this article. Not only have the French completely redesigned the exterior to reflect a modern take on the traditional coupe body style, they have incorporated a futuristic interior that beautifully distinguishes itself from rivals in the same segment.

So, we borrowed the keys to the demonstrator from Evans Halshaw Peugeot in Mansfield and took it away for the weekend. Here's five things we loved about it.

Peugeot's i-Cockpit infotainment system

Every modern car in this segment is expected to have an intuitive infotainment system, which is nothing new. However, Peugeot's i-Cockpit infotainment system takes things to the next level with its stunning display and remarkable ability to process inputs quickly and effectively.

The 10" HD capacitive touchscreen (8" on Active trim) we had in our demo car was absolutely stunning to look at, while the integration of TomTom® live traffic services made the satellite-navigation a joy to use throughout the weekend. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available for those who want it, but we simply enjoyed letting our phones charge on the wireless pad.

Bizarrely, one of our favourite things about the i-Cockpit system was the simple metal buttons that sit below the screen. They allow the user to quickly navigate the main menus with ease, which was greatly appreciated on bumpy back roads!


Night Vision

Our car had been equipped with Night Vision, which utilises an infra-red camera system to enhance visibility at night or in areas of low-light. The camera detects the presence of pedestrians and animals as you drive and then displays them on the configurable 12.3" heads up digital instrument panel that sits directly in front of the driver.

The system was genuinely excellent, and we have no doubt it will make driving on Britain's back-roads during the darker evenings much safer.

Note: We don't recommend relying purely on the Night Vision to see when driving. You should always keep your eyes on the road and simply refer to the Night Vision feature as and when it is required.


Peugeot's BlueHDi engine

Engine technology has come a long way over the past decade, with Peugeot's super-efficient BlueHDi diesel engines being testament to that progress. The engine in our car was the 1.5-litre diesel engine that Peugeot offer with the 508, which is good for 130bhp and 221 lbs/ft.

It may not seem like a lot of grunt, but it's very easy to access thanks to the linear delivery of the power. Peugeot reckon the 508 can achieve over 58mpg on a combined cycle; and having achieved 55.8mpg over the course of 500 miles during the weekend, it was pleasing to know that figure could be achieved with a bit more effort.

We reckon this version of the 508 would be perfect for business users because the Co2 emitted is just 104g/km! However, if you want more shove, then a range of more powerful petrol and diesel engines are available.

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Focal® Premium Hi-Fi Sound System

There's no point having all that connectivity available to you if the sound system isn't up to scratch, right? Peugeot clearly felt the same, which is why the optional (standard from GT trim) Focal® Premium Hi-Fi Sound System was a very welcome addition to the 508 we were driving.

Ten speakers are placed around the cockpit to optimise the delivery of the sound, which deliver 515 watts of crystal clear sound. Translated, this surround system sounds amazing and doesn't seem to lose any clarity when the volume gets turned up.


Peugeot have considered residuals

Peugeot have gone to immense lengths to ensure the investments their customers are making in the 508 are protected. The bold and futuristic design, meticulous finish, and the increased durability are all factors that have been carefully implemented to elevate the car's residual value.

The equipment and engines have all been carefully engineered and selected to reduce regular maintenance and fuel consumption costs too. All in all, it's great to see a manufacturer taking measures to protect the residuals of their products.

There was plenty to love about the Peugeot 508, especially in the SW (estate) shape we borrowed. Why not try one out for yourself instead of taking our word for it?

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