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To celebrate 100 years of engineering innovation, Citroën are releasing a series of Origins Collector's Editions that celebrate the major successes from their long and established history. The models that have been transformed into collector's editions are the C1 city-car, the C3, C3 AIRCROSS and the C4 Cactus.

Each model is available in three stunning body colours: White, Grey and Black. What distinguishes these collector's editions from standard models is the raft of 'Origins' exterior changes, which feature bronze coloured detailing. Additions to the exterior include a variety of decals that have been placed around the body of the car, while bits of trim have also been exchanged for a bronze item to give the ultimate finishing contrast.

The changes aren't just limited to the exterior either. Gold stitching and different coloured upholstery all feature throughout the cabin to really make these editions stand out.

Citroen C1

In 1948, Citroën launched the 2CV, a small car that made a host of innovative technologies available to the masses. These technologies included front-wheel drive and ultra-smooth suspension. The Citroën C1 city-car builds on that heritage by making a series of modern technologies available to a wide audience in a package that is efficient to run and fun to drive. Although, be warned, we're not sure you can drive across a field with a basket of eggs and not crack any when driving a C1. Truth be told, we haven't actually tried.


Citroen C3

Customisation and flair was the name of the game when Citroën created the Traction Avant in the 1930s. Motorists could even have their wheels painted in red, yellow or green from the factory if they wanted! The colourful and versatile Citroën C3 builds on that level of customisation by offering 33 possible combinations throughout its uniquely styled exterior and interior. Uncompromising technologies feature throughout both cars and ensured their everyday usability was enhanced.


Citroen C3 Aircross

Let's address the elephant in the room. The Citroën?? C3 AIRCROSS doesn't have a half-track, sorry to disappoint. However, the C3 AIRCROSS is designed to represent the potential adventure you have at your fingertips every time you get in the car. The raised ground clearance and Grip Control technology all help to keep this stylish SUV moving. Although the AIRCROSS will never have the honor of being one of the first motorised vehicles to cross the Sahara across 3500km, it's spirit matches that of the B2 Half-Track (nicknamed the "golden scarab") on which it takes inspiration.


Citroen C4 Cactus

The humble Citroën GS won Car of the Year in 1971 would you believe? Upon reflection, it's easy to see why. The GS was the first car to make hydropneumatic suspension widely available to the public, creating an utterly stunning ride. The new Citroën C4 Cactus Hatch embodies the spirit of the GS with the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, where it became the first model in Europe to be equipped with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and Advanced Comfort Seats. This commitment to comfort and engineering is what made the Citroën brand what they are today, something they continue to build on.


Evans Halshaw Citroen