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Despite clocking up thousands of miles on UK roads each year, Britain's drivers have much to learn when it comes to driving and car care basics, according to our recent study.

Whether it's the rules of the road or the fundamentals of car maintenance, our survey uncovered the host of clangers Brits are making every day. It comes as we launch the Hands On Help campaign to try and help drivers brush up on the basics to avoid potential accidents and repairs.

Do you know your car warning lights?

The poll revealed 15 per cent of motorists don't know how to open their car bonnet and one in four tend to ignore any warning lights on the dashboard as they have no idea what any of them mean.

A little more worryingly, one in ten drivers thought we drive on the RIGHT hand side of the road in the UK. And one respondent thought their tyre pressure needed attention as the warning light was flashing when in fact they had been driving with the handbrake on.

Could you pass a driving test now?

Of the 2000 drivers polled, the average respondent passed their driving test 22 years ago, with nearly four in ten admitting to forgetting everything they were taught in driving lessons.

Andrew Waggott, Head of Aftercare for Evans Halshaw commented: ''The longer you have been driving the easier it is to forget basic rules and many drivers do become complacent over time.

"Not every car is exactly the same, so it's important to know the basics before driving any vehicle. And when you purchase a new car, you should take time to familiarise yourself with all the controls and warning lights.

"For those unfamiliar with the maintenance basics, we offer a 40 point Vehicle Health Check at all Evans Halshaw dealerships. We've also produced 'Hands On Help' range of films showing those with a little more technical know-how some 'how to' guides on basic car maintenance."

Car Knowledge

The study also revealed that 21 per cent of people couldn't name what side their petrol cap was and disturbingly, nearly one in ten UK drivers didn't know that they had to inflate their tyres with air.

One in twenty were oblivious that you had to fill up the screen wash and almost 1 in 4 have filled up their tank with the wrong fuel.

When respondents were shown the symbol for the handbrake warning light, 20 per cent of motorists either didn't know what it meant or guessed an incorrect answer.

Andrew continued; "The lack of knowledge some people have around basic car maintenance is a concern and some of these mistakes would certainly lead to costly repair bills, or at worse, putting yourself or other road users in danger with an increased risk of an accident."

Motoring mishaps revealed by the research include:

1. Leaving handbrake on whilst driving
2. Not knowing which side the petrol cap is on
3. Mounting a kerb whilst driving
4. Not knowing how to open bonnet
5. Using the wrong fuel
6. Running out of fuel mid journey
7. Driving wrong way down a one-way street
8. Driving on wrong side of the road
9. Turning window wipers on instead of lights
10. Not knowing you had to inflate tyres

Rules of the road

Almost a quarter of respondents have driven the wrong way up a one way street and a third of motorists regularly drive around a roundabout at least twice because they get lost.

The results are hardly surprising when more than half of those questioned didn't know what MOT stood for and nearly one in ten didn't know cars older than three years needed the vehicle test every year.

Andrew added: ''An MOT only covers so much, you can't rely on this to pick up any faults with your vehicle so it's vital to acquaint yourself with your car or take advantage of the advice of a professional with a Vehicle Health check.

''Some of the misdemeanours drivers are guilty of are things we can all relate to, but the lack of knowledge when it comes to basic vehicle maintenance can be vastly improved."