5 Reasons the Insignia is a Great Business Car

26th Nov 2018

Insignia Carousel
It’s no surprise that the Vauxhall Insignia won ‘Top Honour’ at the Company Car Today Awards in January 2018, with its combination of great fuel economy, practicality and first-class driver assistance technology on board – not to mention its sophisticated design oozing style, luxury and class.

The Insignia is an all-round great fleet car and continues to be a popular choice for many UK businesses. Here’s five reasons why the Vauxhall Insignia makes for an ideal company car;

1. Economical/Low Running Costs

At no expense of high spec or practicality, affordability is a likely priority for your business whether buying a single car or an entire new fleet.

You can lease a brand-new Insignia with business contract hire from Evans Halshaw Vauxhall, or go for a used/pre-registered Insignia that have all the benefits of a new car with a much lower price tag.

Even when you have purchased your Insignia, your new car will be surprisingly cheap to run – great news when you have a large number of employees to keep happy!

The most economical Insignias are those with the ecoFLEX diesel engines, although the 1.5T petrol engines are impressive too, producing up to nearly 50 mpg combined. These models producing just 129g/km in emissions, meaning that your business will not be stretching out on tax repayments for each car.

Overall, the Insignia is a great choice for companies that want to keep the costs down without sacrificing car quality or image.

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2. On-board Driver Assistance Technology

If you’re on business, you need a car that’s going to get you from A to B in optimum time and efficiency, as well as providing top notch comfort during your journeys. With the help of the Insignia’s great selection of luxury technology, you can stretch out in the Grand Sport’s stylish cockpit and relax.

Access your smartphone functions on the Insignia’s IntelliLink touchscreen display and stay in touch with work whilst you’re on the move. Whether through Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, the system is available for both type of smartphones, as well as being able to access sat-nav by voice command. Your phone battery is dead? Don’t worry, the Insignia Grand Sport is equipped with wireless charging.

Stay in control on the move with the Insignia’s phone voice control too, providing complete hands-free access to your smartphone. Make those all-important business calls easily on the move, without having to delay your journey.

Business is business but journeys can be boring without those motivational incentives on your travels. Experience every note of music from every angle, with the Insignia’s state-of-the-art BOSE sound system.

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3. Practicality

An important thing for many business vehicles is a decent amount of space in the back of the car as well as the front, accommodating a generous amount of room for product samples perhaps, as well as extra luggage or work equipment.

The Insignia is designed with optimum space inside, which is adaptable for various requirements. Additional to a full car of passengers the Vauxhall Insignia’s generous boot space can hold 530 litres of luggage, which also expands up to 1470 litres with the rear seats folded down. If that isn’t enough, the extremely practical Insignia is a decent tower, able to hold a braked trailer capacity between 1250 kg – 1800 kg, depending on engine choice.

There are a number of secret storage compartments hidden inside the Insignia too, perfect for business people with a busy lifestyle looking to store those important personal items (aka sunglasses, essential documents, stationary).

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4. Style

The Insignia Grand Sport’s effortless sleek design makes the right first impression for any thriving business. Invest in a fleet of Insignia Grand Sports to represent the face of your business.

You know that the Insignia means serious business from the exterior, with first-class specification including eye-catching alloy wheels adding a sharp, dynamic finish to the already prestige design. The LED beam headlights, a renowned feature on especially premium cars, adds again to the Insignia’s elegant image.

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5. Luxury/Comfort

The Insignia Grand Sport makes driver comfort a priority thanks to a range of luxury driver assistance features on board. Your position in the driver’s seat is ultra-snug, especially with the optional seat massage and ventilation system – perfect for keeping you relaxed after a stressful day in the office or out in the field.

The Adaptive Cruise Control maintaining your speed and controlling your brakes means that you really can just sit back and relax in your Insignia Grand Sport. Keep in touch with work with the handsfree smartphone technology, whilst your Insignia takes the pressure off the driving for you.

Additionally, take full advantage of Vauxhall OnStar – your very own PA. At the simple touch of a button, speak to an expert advisor to find exactly what you are looking for on your travels. Need a hotel? A nearby car park? The nearest take-away? The emergency services can be contacted also. A fully integrated 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot is available for speedy online access whenever you need it.

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