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The new Ford Mustang is on its way to the UK this year for the first time in history (officially). It's an all-new muscle car with masses of power, stunning looks and now great handling to match - something which we Europeans are insistent upon.

But we've got plenty of good-looking sports coupes to choose from, why do we need another one? Here's 10 excellent reasons.

Yellow Ford Mustang

1. It's something different

The new Mustang is like no other car we get here in the UK - it's a muscle car. There's plenty of dainty and pretty coupes around but there's nothing like a bit of old school muscle, and that's what the Mustang provides with its sleek looks and V8 power. The stunning lines remain true to the original design philosophy of the 60s classic - it's unmistakably a Mustang.

2. Huge power

The Mustang will be available in the UK with a choice of two engines: a 5.0-litre V8 and for the first time a 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbo. The V8 produces 418 PS of power and a gigantic 524 Nm of torque while the 2.3-litre EcoBoost generates a not-insignificant 314 PS of power and 434 Nm of torque, with more reasonable running costs for the UK consumer. No word on acceleration times yet, but expect the V8 to be able to hit 62 mph from standstill in under 5 seconds.

Underneath the 2015 Ford Mustang

3. It's got trick suspension

Mustangs of the past - right up until this one - have been forced to make do with 'horse and cart' leaf-spring rear suspension in order to keep the car cost effective for blue-collar American workers. In Europe however we have come to expect independent rear suspension on even the most family-orientated cars, and the Mustang has finally caught up. This allows the car to stick to the road better, resulting in quicker cornering speeds and more thrills for the driver when the roads get twisty.

4. It's extremely well equipped

Ford have gone to town on the European specification for the Mustang, giving you plenty of toys to play with when you're not thrashing the V8 or enjoying the wide power band of the EcoBoost. As standard the Mustang gets Ford's latest SYNC 2 touchscreen multimedia system, which allows the driver to control the audio, telephone, navigation and even climate control functions easily. Also included are toggle switches that enable the driver to choose between different driving modes that vary the throttle response and steering weight based depending on the circumstances.

2015 Ford Mustang Grille

5.  The Heritage

Ford has been producing the Mustang since 1964, with model years beginning in 1965. The release was Ford's most successful product launch since the Model A which first appeared in 1927. Since launch, over 9 million Mustangs have found homes and it's made countless appearances in famous TV shows and Movies.

6. The engine has undergone a complete makeover

The new V8 has been in development for some time now, and features larger intake valves, larger exhaust valves, revised intake camshafts, revised exhaust camshafts, stiffer valve springs, new cylinder-head casting, revised ports, Sinter forged connecting rods that are lighter and more durable, redesigned piston crowns and a rebalanced forged crankshaft.

White 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible

7. You get can the roof down

Convertible versions of the Mustang will be made available in the UK, so you can further enjoy the V8 roar or the turbo whoosh as you power down the road. The roof will be well insulated too, with multilayer cloth giving the car an upmarket feel and a refined driving experience when the top is up. With the top down, the Mustang's looks are only enhanced and the well-packaged roof is stored away neatly leaving nothing but clean, sleek lines.

8. You can make it your own

Choose from a fantastic range of 9 different colours that include Race Red, Competition Orange, Triple Yellow, Deep Impact Blue, Ruby Red, Black, Magnetic (grey), Ingot Silver and Oxford White. 19" alloy wheels are standard on all European Mustangs.

Red 2015 Ford Mustang

9. Manual or Automatic: your choice

If you prefer 'stick shift' to an automatic then the Mustang happily accommodates your preference. The 'Getrag' manual transmission has an improved shift linkage design that allows for slick and precise gear selection. The smooth and refined automatic gearbox also features manual shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel so you can take control when the mood takes you. 

10. It's just cool

Mustangs have always been achingly cool (barring a couple of dodgy-looking versions from the late 80s and early 90s). This one may just be the coolest since the original 1968 Fastback versions as driven by Steve McQueen in the film Bullitt. It just looks right from every angle.