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It can be difficult to know which accessories to choose with your new car, so we have helpfully collated a list of the best new car accessories on sale today. All of the ones in the list can be bought with the car, or retro fitted to your car after you've taken delivery. The majority of them are available for most cars, and we've included some model-specific ones, too.

1. Parking Sensors

An essential in today's world, where multi-story and supermarket car parks are full to the brim and you can barely find a space. When you do, and it's tight, parking sensors will guide you into the space with a series of beeps to let you know exactly how close you are to the car, wall, fence or bollard behind you.

2. Bike Carrier

When you feel like taking to the mountains and you live in the city, you need a way of getting your bike there safely and easily. Both roof-mounted and rear-mounted bike racks do the job, with the added benefit of not getting mud and dirt inside your car.

3. Integrated DAB Radio

It is now possible to have DAB retro-fitted to most cars, including Citroens, Fords and Vauxhalls. Because DAB uses a digital signal, it is able to pick-up a much wider range of stations for music, sport and entertainment than traditional FM radio, and also has much better sound quality.

4. iPad Cradle

These clever devices secure your iPad to the back of the front seat so the rear passengers can enjoy watching their favourite movie or TV show in comfort without having to hold the iPad in their hands for hours on end, making those long car journeys much more pleasurable.

5. Citroen DS3 Roof Graphics

Bored of your roof being one colour? Think it's a waste of what is essentially a blank canvas? Then these DS3 roof graphics are for you. There's loads to choose from so it really is a chance to express yourself. Find your perfect one here.

6. Vauxhall Adam Interior Trim Kits

The current king of customisation is of course the Vauxhall Adam, and its accessories range is vast. Did you know it is possible to change the colour and design of your interior with a simple kit? It is available in 18 different colours and features bits for the lower part of the dashboard and the centre console. There's a choice of 5 different colour gear sticks, too.

7. Door Entry Guards

These entry guards are available on many models, but we especially like the ones on the Hyundai i30. Made from aluminium optic, they protect against scuffs and scratches to the door sill in a stylish and effective way.

8. Dog Guard

If you have a dog and you need to take it anywhere, it is important both for your and your dog's safety that he/she is secured in the boot. A grille situated behind the rear seats ensures that the dog is unable to jump into the back seat or even worse, into the front - distracting the driver and possibly causing an accident. These are available for the majority of hatchbacks such as the Renault Megane, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra.

9. Roof Bars

Most manufacturers offer roof bars for most of their models, largely because they are infinitely useful. Whether you need to attach a bike rack or a roof box, a canoe or a surfboard, roof bars make it easy to transfer things from A to B. These ones from Vauxhall look stylish, too.

10. Dacia Duster Skid Protector

A stylish skid plate available on your Duster protects both the engine and front bumper from scuffs and scratches whilst you're off road, but also whilst you're driving down the motorway. Looks good too.

11. Seat Mii Key Cover

Key covers are available for your Seat Mii, giving the key extra protection from the harsh life that keys go through. They come in a range of designs including the limited edition 'Space Invader' one featured here.

12. Safety Kits

Safety kits are available for most makes and models on the road. They include things like warning triangles, torches and high-visibility jackets - items that are essential in the event of an incident. £20-40 well spent, we think.

13. Cool box

A well-designed cool box can make all the difference to your journey, especially if it's a long one. This one is from the Ford Kuga, and features a whopping 35 litres capacity, and is large enough to fit 2-litre bottles inside. It plugs into your 12/24 volt socket (cigarette lighter) and can cool drinks to 30°C below ambient temperature. Even better, it can also plug into your home sockets and act as a beer fridge on those long summer days! Excellent stuff.

14. Child Seats

Manufacturers have started offering child seats as part of their accessory range, and choosing one of them for your child can help ensure that you get the one that is the best fit for your vehicle.

15. Boot Liner

Boot liners (especially rubber ones) are very effective at protecting the carpet in your boot. You can throw anything and everything in there without any worries. On top of this, the smooth lining makes cleaning a doddle - just hose it off and wipe it down.

16. Tow Bar

Tow bars are useful for trailers and caravans, as well as certain types of bike racks. All Evans Halshaw dealerships are able to supply and fit the right tow bar for your vehicle.

17. Mountune Upgrade

Ok this is more of a tune-up than an accessory, but it's definitely worth a mention. Selected Evans Halshaw dealerships are Mountune approved, meaning they are qualified and able to fit the Mountune upgrades to your Fiesta ST or Focus ST.

On the Fiesta ST, the Mountune upgrade boosts power for 182PS to 215PS, thanks to an uprated air-filter, a custom aluminium high-flow airbox and revised engine calibration - lowering the 0-62 time from 6.9s to 6.4s - rapidly quick. Best of all it's all backed by Ford's warranty.

Even quicker however is the Focus ST, which with the Mountune upgrade fitted hits 62mph from standstill in just 5.7s - 0.8s quicker than a standard Focus ST. This is due to the larger-capacity alloy intercooler, uprated air filter and revised engine calibration. This modification is also backed by Ford's warranty.

18. Ford Accessory Packs

Ford offer a range of accessory packs for their vehicles, including:

- Bike Pack: Cross bars and a bike carrier
- Thule®Tow Bar Pack: Thule® Tow Bar and e-kit
- Protection pack: Rubber mats and a boot liner
- Pet Pack: Bootliner, Dog guard, ClimAir® and bumper protector

19. Winter tyres

Winter tyres offer extra performance in terms of grip when the weather gets cold. They feature different tread patterns that maximise the road-holding capabilities of your vehicle, improving stopping distances dramatically on cold, wet or icy roads.

20. Mud flaps

Mud flaps are effective at protecting door aperture and the underside of the vehicle from water, gravel and (obviously) mud. They look good and protect the paintwork on your car.
Contact your nearest Evans Halshaw today, and ask about accessories for your car!